Frenectomy in Edmonton

A frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure to remove a patient's frenum when it is limiting normal movement and functioning of the mouth. Our Edmonton dentists perform frenectomies on babies, children and adults.

Why have a frenectomy?

Although they are a normal part of the mouth if a frenum is too short or too tight it can restrict oral function preventing babies from nursing correctly, and adults from speaking and chewing normally. A frenectomy can be performed to remove a problematic frenum in order to provide the patient with a wider range of movement.

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Types of Frenums

The frenum is a small piece of tissue that connects the cheeks, tongue or lips to the gum area. A tight or restrictive frenum is a natural condition that babies are born with.

Lingual Frenum (Tongue Tie)

The tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is called the lingual frenum. When this frenum restricts movement in the mouth, it is a condition often referred to as a tongue tie.

Labial Frenum (Lip Tie)

A labial frenum connects the lips to the bottom of your upper and lower gums. If this frenum restricts movement in the mouth, it’s referred to as being lip tied.

Buccal Frenum (Cheek Tie)

A buccal tie is an abnormally tight frenum that attaches the cheeks to the upper gums. In some cases, if a buccal frenum is especially tight it can cause difficulties for nursing babies.

Frenectomy in Edmonton: The Procedure

The frenum is very thin and has few nerves, meaning there is very little pain associated with the procedure. A frenectomy is a safe, fast-healing procedure. Your dentist will simply cut the frenum to free the tongue, lip or cheek. 

Benefits Of a Frenectomy

A Frenectomy Procedure may help to improve the following

  • Breastfeeding and decreases pain during breastfeeding for moms
  • Airway development
  • Speech
  • Arch development and tooth alignment
  • Eliminates tooth gap between the two front teeth
  • Bite function
  • Promotes self-confidence in young adults and teens

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