Night Mouth Guards

Our Edmonton dentists can create custom mouth guards to protect your teeth while you sleep. 

What is a Night Mouth Guard?

A night mouth guard is a thick plastic protective devices that forms to the shape of your teeth and gums. It creates a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to prevent them from the effects of tooth grinding (bruxism) and jaw joint disorders (TMD/TMJ), and to provide relief from pain and discomfort. 

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The Procedure

To create a custom-fit mouth guard, your dentist will begin by taking an impression of your teeth. 

The mouth guard is then made to your specifications by layering superheated plastic and then cooling it to create an extremely durable piece of dental wear.

The Benefits

A mouth guard protects you from the effects of grinding and clenching, which can cause damage to your teeth and jaw. 

Custom-fit mouth guards are very durable. Because they are made just for you, they will provide you with optimal safety and comfortable fit while you sleep. 


With the proper care and storage, your custom mouth guard will protect you for many years to come.

The general rule is that every few years they may need replacing, depending on the level of wear and tear, and whether or not there have been any changes in the mouth.

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