Dental Technology

At Scotia Square Dentistry in downtown Edmonton, we use dental technology for a variety of dental procedures to help make your appointments more convenient. 

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What is Dental Technology?

Technological advances in dentistry, such as the use of dental lasers and digital x-rays, allow dentists to provide more accurate, less invasive dental care. These modernizations help to make patients more comfortable both during and after treatment. 

At Scotia Square Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with efficient dental care with the use of current dental technology. 

Dental Technology | Scotia Square Dentistry


Laser Therapy
Digital X-Rays

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  • CEREC®

    Our Edmonton dentists use CEREC technology to create custom tooth restorations and fix damaged teeth in one appointment.   What is the CEREC? Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is a computer-aided system for taking impressions quickly to generate a custom-fitted dental restoration, like a dental crown, in one visit. Request Appointment The ...
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  • Digital X-Rays & CBCT

    Our Edmonton dentists use x-rays to capture detailed digital images of a patient's teeth, gums and other oral structures to help with diagnosis and treatment planning. What is a Digital X-Ray? A digital x-ray is a three-dimensional image of your teeth and gums that your dentist uses to evaluate your oral health. They help dentists to diagnose common problems, such as cavities, gum disea...
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  • Laser Therapy

    Our Edmonton dentists use lasers to perform a variety of dental procedures with less pain and fewer medical interventions. What is Laser Therapy? Laser therapy is the use of lasers in dentistry as an alternative to traditional dental tools. Using laser energy, your dentist can perform many dental procedures with little or no freezing, or without a drill. Request Appointment ...
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