BOTOX treatments can be used both cosmetically and therapeutically in dentistry to help relax muscles in the face and jaw.

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX, or Botulinum Toxin, is a purified protein that has both cosmetic and therapeutic applications. When injected into the facial muscles, it releases neurotoxins, which prevent the muscles from contracting and helps them to relax.  

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Cosmetic Applications

BOTOX is commonly used to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles. Injections are administered to temporarily relax a patient’s muscles creating a smoother, younger look.

Therapeutic Applications

The ability of BOTOX to relax face muscles can also help patients struggling with dental issues, including:

  • To relieve jaw and facial muscle pain caused by TMD/TMJ
  • To relieve jaw and facial muscle pain caused by grinding or clenching teeth
  • To restrain muscle movement and keep teeth from relapsing in orthodontic treatment
  • To fix irregular muscle contractions when adjusting to new dentures

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