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Your Kids

Dr. Heit is a general dentist that provides care for the whole family.  This includes a thorough diagnosis with preventative council and treatment with basic dentistry.  Any situation that is discovered in the diagnositc phase of the exam during growth and development can be brought to your attention and options provided.

It is Dr. Heit's opinion that a child should first be seen when you are pregnant with that child.  That way she can give you the information you need for the healthy jaw and teeth development of your baby while you are still pregnant and prepare you for the care of your baby's teeth when the child is born and into the busy toddler years.

One of the best gifts a dentist can give a person is the comfort and ease of being in the dental office.  That way, preventative care can be easily employed throughout that person's life.  In dentistry, preventative care and knowledge can lead to overall less cost and treatment over one's life.  Many people agree it is best to be conservative in an effort to keep one's entire dentition for the whole lifespan of the individual.  It is our goal for you and your child to always have a pleasant experience in the dental office.

Many times, future problems can be averted with a thorough assessment and interceptive, conservative treatment in young children. The upper and lower jaw bones are easily malformed and malaligned by several envionmental factors. This can lead to many problems that can extend past the teeth and jaws affecting the health and vitality of the individual.  Dr. Heit will assess the teeth, jaw and airway of your child then provide you and your child with information and options for treatment.



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