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 I cannot believe that a week into my original treatment and my headaches that I have had for twenty years plus were gone. Finding many ailments from neck to lower back pain to a change in my smile (which was always one sided) be gone within a few months was amazing. I had been going to chiropractors, massage and reflexology for years including TMJ treatment to fix whatever was causing my pain. In one 10 day session, much of that had lessened and with each session until now I am 98% pain free. Its a miracle!




Who knew that when I came in to see if my teeth could be fixed so that you could see them when I smiled, that I would see numerous side benefits as well. These benefits include not having to crack my neck every 20 minutes of the day to ward off a headache, having my head sit straight on my shoulders instead of tilted to the right, and the lump on my shoulder shrinking to half its size, all my correcting my bite first. Life is good- thanks to you Dr. Heit and staff!!!







It has been exactly nine years since I damaged four front teeth playing soccer. Nine Years of hiding my smile and avoiding taking pictures has finally come to an end. I was referred to Dr. Heit’s office by a family member whom was also treated by Dr. Heit and their smile is a walking advertisement for Scotia Square Dentistry.  After 8 weeks of analysis, planning and treatment of my gums, tongue and teeth I now cannot stop smiling. I’m more confident in public and taking pictures of myself is becoming a new hobby! It would not take long for anyone to realize how professional, dedicated and experienced the entire team is at Scotia Square Dentistry. I am so pleased with the results which not only make me excited about the future but also help me forget about nine years of oral issues.






All my life I have had very crooked teeth. One top tooth particularly hid behind my bottom teeth and in photos it often looked like I was missing a tooth. I have also always had a click in my jaw, and for years have had frequent, very intense headaches. When I came into Scotia Square Dentistry for a check-up and cleaning, I had no idea that all these issues could be addressed at once. I never had the opportunity to get braces growing up, and now I am so glad I didn't. Not only are my teeth now beautiful and straight, my headaches are also becoming much less frequent. During the whole treatment, Dr. Heit and all the staff at Scotia Square Dentistry were very friendly and accommodating. They always had time for all my questions and needs along the way. I always felt like one of the family.

Thanks guys!




When I first met Dr.Heit, I had headaches every second day, pain in my jaws, dizziness, ear congestion, neck and face pain, tingling in my fingertips and I couldn't sleep well. All of those symptoms got worse after I had a crown done so my chiropractor (that I have known for years), said I should see Dr.Heit to help me with my bite.

Dr. Heit did a thorough investigation of my pain and history that included fibromyalgia. To make a long story short, 90% of my mouth pain was gone after she changed my bite. Dr. Heit then restored my teeth to support my healthy new bite and gave me a large portion of my life back.

Thank you to Dr. Heit and the team at Scotia Square Dentistry!





After many years of neglect, my teeth have become discolored. This coupled with crowding teeth left me with a smile that was far from pleasing. Thanks to the treatment plan by Dr.Heit, I now have straight, white teeth and a great smile. My only regret is that I didn't seek out Dr.Heit much sooner. I would encourage anyone to find out how Dr.Heit and her team can improve your smile.





 For several years I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain. In the last year, the pain at times had become unbearable. I experienced daily headaches, ear pain that wouldn't go away, stiffness in my neck and exhaustion. I was tired all the time and had absolutely no energy. I was back and forth to my doctor who could find nothing wrong, so basically I just learned to live with it. A friend had sent me information about Scotia Square Dentistry, and that they helped her with her neck and shoulder pain. Not once did I ever believe that the pain I had been suffering with had anything to do with my jaw, so I just put the information away. I continued to suffer for months after, until I just couldn't take it anymore. I had no where else to turn, so I decided to make the call. I set up an appointment with Dr. Heit and her team where they assured me that they could help. Finally, I discovered hope. Dr. Heit thoroughly explained to me what was happening with my jaw and how using an orthotic could re-align my bite and help my jaw. I got so excited to live my life pain free again. Since getting my orthotic (mouth piece) I feel great. Within days my pain was gone. It was amazing! It had made such a difference. It's like a new release on life.

 Thank you.



I was extremely pleased with the work of Dr. Heit and her team. I had not been to a dentist for twelve years and the whole experience couldn't have been more seamless despite the amount of work that had to be done. And the new fillings and crown look like they have always been apart of my mouth. I was also impressed by the care and attention and good humor shown in all my follow-up visits. My sincere thanks to Dr. Heit and everyone at Scotia Square Dentistry.





As an individual who suffered the pain of TMD for about 5 years, and had gone through several orthotics and treatments over the years, I had essentially lost hope that I would ever feel good again. My pain consisted of headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, facial pain as well as severe ringing in my ears. TMD was taking over my life, literally.

When I met Dr. Heit, I was simply looking for a great dentist I could rely on for regular dental check ups. Dr. Heit immediately noticed my limitations as well as additional issues that were causing further discomfort. We discussed my history, when she informed me of the treatment plan her office provided for TMD patients. I was extremely hesitant given my background and I walked out with an, “I’ll think about it”. After a few more months of excruciating pain, lack of sleep, squishing my food flat to eat and hardly being able to put forth a smile, I decided to go forward with treatment.The team was enthusiastic about being able to help me, what was scary, was that my scans showed I was going to be a very difficult case. This worried me, but the team assured me they would help and work to make me pain free.

The relief I got from day 1 was outstanding! My first night, I slept a full 8 hours undisturbed!! That was a first in many years. I was SO happy! My attitude about treatment turned around immediately. Skepticism was no longer.
Here I am now, in Phase 2 of treatment and I never, ever, believed I would be able to put on a full smile again without pain or that the ringing in my ear would stop. Much less did I believe that I would ever be able to just pick up my food and eat without first squishing it.

Dr. Heit and her team are the most amazing dental team anyone could ask for; they are both passionate and caring about their careers. They have truly turned my life around in ways no one could imagine. I could never thank them enough for what they have done for me. Scotia Square Dentistry, your #1 in my heart….. and my jaw!





Out with the Old ... In with the New

Ever get the feeling that now is the time? Well that’s what happened to me.
I just finally decided that now was the time to get rid of my old fillings and replace them with the new (state of the art) ones.

Indeed those old fillings have served me well for over 25 years ... what more could I ask of them? But looking closely at those tiny cracks here and there suggested their time was up.

So after a "no pressure" consult with Dr.Tammarie, I decided to get them all done at once. Both sides. And I can honestly say I have no regrets. At first I thought it would be a huge ordeal and that I would have to take time away from work to recover. But not so. I just had to contend with a bit of "left over" freezing for part of the day and I was back in business (just try and avoid conference calls!).

Dr. Tammarie and all of her professional staff have done just a terrific job and have truly provided me with a very positive dental experience. Things have never looked so good.





I just wanted to tell everyone about my experience at Scotia Square Dentistry. Two years ago I came to Dr. Heit with a gum that had been damaged as a result of a root canal. My tooth at that point had died and I was dealing with an infected tooth and gum. Dr. Heit removed my tooth and suggested an implant instead of a bridge. I had heard about implants but wasn't aware that Dr. Heit could actually perform the surgery. Dr. Heit did a tremendous job with the surgery and the tooth that I have now looks and feels awesome. I have not  been able to eat on the left side of my mouth for more than two years. In fact today I can't even identify the implant unless I make a point of trying to find the tooth.




In the spring of this year, if i saw a dentist on television my stomach would cramp into knots and nausea would set in...I felt like the Omnium lyric, "Oh! there goes gravity!" My phobia of dentists kept me from the luxury of filled cavities, a root canal, an implant and the removal of my wisdom teeth. My fear was so strong that I would rather live with the risks and pain.

Then, through divine intervention, i was introduced to Dr. Heit. She engulfed me with kindness and compassion, as did all the pretty ladies who work with her. I felt immediately safe and at ease. On my second visit, I was able to sit in the dental chair ( our goal of the day) and suddenly i felt ready to have my teeth cleaned! Already! Filled with being extremely proud of myself, I wore a cheshire smile for weeks! Now it is fall and i head to dental appointments with a spring in my step, knowing that soon i will be greeted by people who have become my friends and will soon be surrounded by the chatter of people who have found their true path in life. Dr. Heit, Betty, Jenny and the others will make you smile and never stop.

 My veneers are absolutely, naturally beautiful. My smile is fantastic! I see others with "chicklet" looking veneers and I am so grateful that Dr.Heit is so talented!! People tell me I have a beautiful smile now!!




I've had back and neck problems for so long I just assumed it was something I had to "manage". Since my teeth have been fixed I don't have the pain, I had never even considered this possibility. Furthermore, they look great and the color is great, I couldn't be happier!!



My bonding has never looked better. Dr. Heit made suggestions that improved the look of my bonding and my teeth have never looked better. The difference is that Dr. Heit was aware of the importance of cosmetic dentistry and took the time to apply her experience to my teeth. I Love it!




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