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Process of Finding a comfortable bite

Every patient who comes to our clinic is thoroughly evaluated using the information gathered from our comprehensive examinations.  This can be time consuming (new patient exams are two hours) but you will learn a lot about yourself so you can make an informed choice about your dental options. In dentistry, 'no pain' does not always mean 'no problem'. 

If this is what interests you, the first thing to do is have a New Patient Exam with Dr. Heit.

If you are someone who might benefit from a new bite, Dr. Heit will discuss the services that can be provided for you and answer all your questions.  There are many techniques used by dentists to help assess the bite.  This is just one way to do it.  

If you engage the process, the first thing we do is find the comfortable bite using TENs and making an orthotic.  This is a diagnostic procedure.

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