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Once the comfortable bite is obtained and the jaw joints are stabilized, then one of the treatment options is to just move the teeth there to support that bite.

The orthodontic procedure at Scotia Square Dentistry begins with a thorough assessment of the jaw joints and the position of the bones in the skull.  The position of the lower jaw is determined ideally and assessed in conjunction with the teeth.

Then EMG studies are performed along with sonography and jaw tracking to see how the soft tissues are supported by the bones and teeth.

The neuromuscular bite is prepared and stabilized, then the teeth are moved to support the most ideal position possible.  This can be done in Dr. Heit's office or the office of an orthodontic specialist.  It is your choice.

Doing orthodontics this way many times enables the dentist to engage a more conservative treatment plan option different than jaw surgery or extraction of adult dentition.  It is important to explore all options and the pros and cons of each before you decide on treatment.

Each case presentation is unique and individually assessed.  All options are presented.  Dr Heit is not an orthodontic specialist but can work together with a specialist in your treatment.  Her forte is the bite and the orthodontics is just one way to get there without removing any enamel on the teeth.

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