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Finding a comfortable, stable bite

Finding a comfortable, stable bite takes into consideration the best possible relationship of the teeth, muscles, and jaw joints using measurable evidence.  It builds upon traditional dentistry to enhance the evaluation or diagnosis of your occlusion (bite) with bio-instrumentation.  The principles involved apply to virtually every major procedure.

Occlusion (the 'bite')is the way that your teeth fit together in support of your jaw bone to the skull.  Having a comfortable bite-in physiologically balanced harmony-is essential to producing the best possible long-term results in virtually every major type of dental work-aesthetics, orthodontics, reconstruction and even dentures.  Improper occlusion is also frequently a significant contributer to headache and other types of pain or dysfunction.

If everything else is reasonably normal, we don't have to worry much about neuromuscular status to do a filling or single crown.  However, if you suffer any sort of pain or dysfunction in the head and neck area, it would trigger us to consider occlusion factors.

When you have major dental work to do, providing you with the best possible function, in addition to aesthetics, is our objective in every case. 

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