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Photography is used at Scotia Square Dentistry to help you understand your dental condition.

A series of baseline medical-type photographs are taken to evaluate your posture, your smile and your teeth up-close.  A familiar camera is used for larger face and posture shots as well as photographs of your smile close up.  Small, plastic lip retractors are used so pictures can be taken of how your teeth fit together.

Then a small camera that can go inside your mouth for close up photos of your individual teeth is used.  This is very useful for you to see what the cause of your problem might be-for example, a sharp spot on a back upper tooth might show that a tooth has broken.  It is sometimes easier to explain treatment options when you can see the tooth directly-same as the dentist.

Much frustration about dentistry can be eliminated if you can see what we see.  Photography helps us communicate so you can decide on the treatment you prefer.

Also, at Scotia Sqaure Dentistry, our photographer John will do a complimentary photoshoot for all of our cosmentic patients after treatment is complete.  It is fun and our gift to you for your new look.

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