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K-7 computer

 The K-7 computer is one way to find the bite using measurable, objective evidence.

There is no radiation with the K-7 computer.  It is simply used a a device to analyse your jaw position as it functions when you move your mouth in the chewing motions.  It is one of the many diagnostic tools used to assess people to help with a diagnosis as well as to evaluate the effectivness of treatment objectively.

This measurable, objective evidence is co-related to the improvement of symptoms prior to starting any dental work.  Many people have chronic craniofacial pain that had been unsuccessfully treated in the past and benefited from the use of the K-7 computer in the diagnosis and treatment evaluation of their condition.  It can also be used in a preventative way.

The K-7 computer assesses the whole chewing system using electromyography, sonography and jaw-tracking.  It is used to help find the 'ideal' jaw position, then assess that new jaw position long term to help predict the results of your dentistry before you even begin.

The 'ideal' jaw position has been referred to in the literature as the physiologic rest position of the jaw.


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