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Jaw Tracking

Jaw tracking is documentation from the K-7 computer of how the bottom jaw opens and closes during function.

It is used to help diagnose how the jaw functions using the teeth as an endpoint.  If the endpoint changes, then the jaw tracking can change which can give us information about the posture of your bite as well as the range of motion you have in your chewing cycle and jaw function.

This information can be used along with other data gathered by the dentist to help in the diagnosis and treatment planning.

The assessment of the jaw tracking is traditionally done visually by dentists but the jaw tracking scans on the K-7 can measure it and record it to be compared to other data obtained later, for example, when an orthotic is places on the lower teeth.

   This documentation tool is useful to help compare measurable data that is objective to the subjective symptoms you feel when undergoing the diagnostic process using the orthotic on your lower teeth.

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