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Examination and Diagnosis

The most imposrtant procedure in the dental clinic is the examination and diagnosis.  The  three "D's" of dentistry are Diagnosis, Diagnosis, Diagnosis.

A thorough examination of your dental health will be performed by Dr. Heit at Scotia Square Dentistry.  People are living longer and want to look and feel good their whole life.  Keeping your teeth healthy is an important part of your vitality.  One should not assume they will have dentures when they are in their final decades of life.  In fact, with knowledge, preventative dentistry can allow you to have a healthy mouth and smile your whole life.  Prevention is the least expensive way to accomplish this.

Dr. Heit will spend the time neede to complete a thorough exam and provide you with treatment options to custom fit a treatment plan for you and your family.  Our goal is to fully inform you so you can choose what you want and who you want to do it.

Dr Heit and her team spend ample time with the patient so they can understand what they need to know to make an informed decision.  Treatment presentations involve photos of your face, smile and posture as well as the inside of your mouth.  Stone models are used to help explain your options as well as large xrays and 3-D images that are easy to understand on the computer.  Other patients with similar treatment are presented so the final results can be visualized. 

If it is veneers you want, there are initial consultation appointments with the doctor and the master technician.  You can 'try on' the style of teeth you choose before deciding on the final porcelain that will be bonded in your mouth.  It is a way for you to see the result before it is finalized. 

Dr. Heit will proceed at the pace you want.  Your input and progression through the treatment is what makes the final results the best.  A knowledgeable team and Dr. Heit will address any questions you may have.  Dr. Heit accepts phonecalls at home for questions about treatment in addition to any emergencies that arise.  We will take care of you!

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