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Cosmetic dentistry is important to many people.

People are living longer, better and healthier lives. People want to stay looking young and what better way than having a big, healthy smile.  More people are requesting cosmetic dental procedures than ever before and dentists are taking more training to be able to provide this service to their patients.

For many, a healthy smile is associated with straight, white teeth with healthy gums on a symmetrical face. You may have your own idea of what 'beauty' is.  Any 'cosmetic' changes to ones' appearance has very much to do with your own 'taste'-just like the preference you have with your choice in clothes, your car, house design or anything else that makes you 'you'.  Some people like their teeth and smile to stand out and others like a more natural look.  Others like something about their smile that makes them unique-like a small tip or bend to one or a few teeth.  A beautiful smile does not have to be perfectly straight!  The bottom line is, it's your decision. There are as many choices to a beautiful smile as there are unique people. 

Dr. Heit and her team will show you the possibilities in dentistry to achieve the look you want.  If you are not sure what to pick, we can 'try on' different smile designs that are reversible so you have an idea of your final result before you decide on your treatment plan.

Many times, that smile is desired in an individual that has limited time or finances available, may be fearful of dentistry or wants results quickly. Becoming aware of your individual situation and what is available in dentistry today will help to monitor your expectations and, who knows, you may choose a more conservative treatment plan than you thought!  Like any complex procedure, the step by step process is meant to help enhance predictability, minimize 'redos' and help give you a result with no surprises.

It is absolutely vital that a thorough, in depth examination is performed prior to any cosmetic dentistry so the individual is fully informed of all their choices along with the risks and benefits relevant to their unique situation.  Once you have all the information-the choice is yours.

Dr. Heit will provide you with a 2 hour exam and treatment options that includes up close photos and different views of your teeth and face to help inform you of your options and help answer your questions.

The three "D's" in dentistry is "diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis" 

Many times people are not aware of a problem evident to the dentist in their bite.  Even though you may not have pain or see a dark spot on your tooth, you still may have an issue that can affect the prognosis of your treatment.  We can use our training and experience to help you know the possible risks of your treatment (or non-treatment) choices the best we can.  Sometimes an underlying problem can be treated in conjunction with the cosmetic work you desire at the same time.

So we appreciate your patience at Scotia Square Dentistry when we ask you to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and take 2 hours of your time for an examination. You will find that the time spent up front can pay off later when you fully understand your individual situation and make your decision regarding your dental care.

We can refer you to a specialist any time you want for a second opinion or treatment.  Dr. Heit can optimize your treatment with a multidisciplinary approach if your case is complex.  Sometimes there are ways to approach your case that is different than Dr. Heit's thinking.  Dr. Heit will tell you all the options available and enable you to explore each one so you can choose the path most suitable for you.

You don't know what you don't know.

We can provide a complementary consultation with any person who wants to find out if we are fit for them.  It is important to choose a dentist you are comfortable with.

Dr. Heit is a general dentist.p

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